As Senior Content Manager at TVSMILES, it was my job to make sure that every word that’s published in the app was the best it could possibly be.

TVSMILES is an app in which users collect and earn points, which they can later redeem in exchange for products and services, or in order to participate in exclusive competitions. The logic is simple: the more branded quizzes and gamified advertising you participate in, the more points you collect.

When I started at TVSMILES, I was initially responsible for the UK market. After 6 months, I was tasked with the responsibility of managing all content released to the German market, as well as continued management of our work in the UK.

During my time there, I produced advertorial campaigns for both large-scale and highly targeted brands. These campaigns have been commissioned for some of the most recognisable brands in the world, including The Sun, William Hill, Sky and Sainsbury’s in the UK, as well as Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Opel and Coca-Cola in Germany.

Working with a team of 5 in-house copywriters, it was my job to make sure we remained the king when it comes to native advertising.

Core achievements:

  • Headed up¬†project to define the written voice of KWIZZAD, TVSMILES’ sister product. This included numerous banner campaigns, B2B brochures, flyers, posters, online texts and Google AdWords copy to coincide with KWIZZAD’s launch at DMEXCO 2016.
  • Reworked TVSMILES’ entire editorial strategy to tailor to our key demographic. Result: More activity in the app, which resulted in lower user acquisition costs.
  • Defined TVSMILES’ editorial sales concept, using an adapted version of the AIDA model. Result: We saw a 20-25% increase in overall conversion rates on all tested campaigns.
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