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Craig Taylor outdoor copywriter

My name’s Craig, and I’m a seasoned senior copywriter and creative marketeer working in the outdoor and tech industries.

As a multi-lingual professional, I specialise in crafting compelling brand campaigns, content marketing strategies and user experiences that help millions of people around the world inject a little extra adventure into their everyday.

Marlow, UK.

What I’m good at.



I lose a point for my Welsh accent.


Ich kann viel mehr als nur Bahnhof verstehen.


He visto toda la primera temporada de Narcos.

Hard Skills


Creative Campaigns

UX Copywriting and Design


Journalism and content production


The adventure so far.

Head of Copy and Brand Communications @ Outdooractive

Home to expert maps and professional-grade route planning tools, Outdooractive is the most reliable platform for outdoor inspiration and navigation. I build and manage brand storytelling strategies to ensure our growing community understand why we’re the number-one app on the market — to help everyone plan their next adventure with confidence.

Copy Team Lead – Creative, Product & Internationalization @ komoot

Komoot is your route to adventure. Home to one of the world’s largest communities of outdoor enthusiasts, I write the words that encourage millions of folk worldwide to inject a little more adventure into their everyday.

Freelance Contributor @ & The Great British Adventure Club

From specialist gear reviews and in-depth interviews to broader industry coverage and recaps of my own adventures, I submit regular content to two of the fastest growing and most respected banners in the industry.

Freelance Copywriter @ National Parks of Europe

National Parks of Europe is a non-profit initiative to build the first digital portfolio of every national park on the European continent. Working as the organisation’s copywriter, I helped define National Parks of Europe’s tone of voice and branding for launch, and I produced all national park guide packs in cooperation with authorities across Europe.

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