Craig Taylor

Copywriting & marketing


My name’s Craig, and I’m a seasoned senior copywriter and marketing professional working in the tech and outdoor space.

As a multi-lingual professional, I specialise in crafting compelling brand campaigns and user experiences that help millions of people around the world inject a little extra adventure into their everyday.

Shrewsbury, UK.

What I’m good at.



I lose a point for my Welsh accent.


Ich kann viel mehr als nur Bahnhof verstehen.


He visto toda la primera temporada de Narcos.

Hard Skills


Creative Campaign Development

UX Copywriting and Design


Team Leadership and Mentoring


The adventure so far.

Copy Team Lead @ komoot

Komoot is your route to adventure. Home to one of the world’s largest communities of outdoor enthusiasts, I write the words that encourage millions of folk worldwide to inject a little more adventure into their everyday.

Head of Content @ TVSMILES

At TVSMILES, content was the consumable. From interstitial ads and PPC, to native advertising and gamification, we delivered branded ad campaigns and immersive user experiences to the likes of Disney, Opel, Sainsbury’s, Coca-Cola and more.

Senior Copywriter @ Evoke

From updating the branding of the (then) world’s largest marijuana delivery network to designing and delivering print advertising for EY’s Startup Accelerator Programme, we worked on a diverse portfolio of projects at Evoke.

Senior Content Manager @ Retale

Retale digitized retail brochures for some of the largest retailers in the United States, including Walmart, Kohl’s and Macy’s. We worked with over 200 brands to improve the digital experience of their customers before hosting these in our proprietary apps.

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